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Looking for reliable Aruba distributors in the UAE? Look no further than Site Exclusive, the leading Aruba distributor in Dubai. We offer the latest Aruba WiFi products and solutions to help you stay connected, productive, and secure.

Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC is the most renowned and popular Aruba Authorized partner in Dubai, UAE. We take pride in telling you that we are the pioneers in Aruba Wireless Solutions, Aruba Networking Solutions, and Aruba Security Surveillance Systems in the Middle East region.

Aruba Networks have got the best solutions and capabilities in providing businesses the utmost flexibility and premium performance to cater to the needs of organizations and institutions of any size. Aruba Networking is known to have been an expert in AI intelligence, location services, and seamless roaming. Using these features, the users will get an ultimate and flexible experience. We, as an authorized partner of Aruba solution provider, give you the best experience for a safe and secured IT experience for your organization.

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Most business organizations demand complete working and aid in the cloud-based applications and enhancing the bandwidth capability. Aruba’s next-generation access points and aggregation switches will assist in providing top-notch and quality infrastructure and ultra support for the movement of traffic gradually from the edge to the core.

Aruba’s software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution will give you the opportunity to work with a WAN routine that is very simple to put to use, this will eventually lead to saving your time and money.

With all-round cyber protection, Aruba ClearPass and IntroSpect will give the benefits of transparency and complete network access control, which is very much required for the current trend in this digital world.

Using Aruba’s solutions and networking, you could get deep insights into your devices and other apps, supporting your WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN that will deliver you the ultimate performance and reliability. Aruba has got an excellent record of powerful and optimizing performing options, especially on the cloud-based network management solutions.

Aruba PRODUCTS in Dubai

  • Wireless LANs
  • Access Points
  • Network Switches
  • Data Center
  • Remote Access Points
  • Airwave
  • Aruba Central


Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC is known to provide the best solutions in Aruba, which is an HP Company undertaking, thus providing next-generation solutions to customers.

Aruba works concentrating on the 802.11n and 802.11ac standards in communications. It is also specially categorized in a much-classified manner, such that a centralized manner is maintained.

Why Site Exclusive for Aruba Network and Security Products and Solutions?

Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC, one of the leading dealers and distributors of Aruba enterprise security products and networking solutions, brings you a complete package that provides you with AI-powered solutions in various sectors of the industries such as the networking infrastructure, management, quality, and analytics and so on. As the most preferred and trusted distribution partner of HP Aruba, Site Exclusive offers Networking Products (Access Points, Remote Access Points, Switches, Gateways and Controllers, Network Management, SD-WAN, Analytics & Assurance), Security Products (Network Access Control, and VPN Services) and Location Services Products (Aruba Beacons, Aruba Tags, Meridian Apps, Location Analytics) from the suite of Aruba Networks.

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