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Looking for reliable Cisco partners in Dubai? Site exclusive is your trusted source. As an authorized Cisco dealer, we offer the latest products and solutions to help you achieve your business goals.

We, at Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC, are very proud to be a part of the Cisco family of networking solutions. Our team of certified experts works in close association with other such partners to build and expand the Cisco business. We are not just a Cisco distributor, but we also have at our back end, very skilled professionals trained specially in the Cisco products and services.

Cisco develops, manufactures, and renders various networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other latest technology services.

Cisco Systems is especially a worldwide leader in networking services and we are an official partner for them. Cisco’s Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of the Internet and most industrial sectors across the globe.

Cisco brings forth the widest range of solutions such as for transmitting data, voice, and video across various buildings, campuses, or even across the globe.


Cisco solutions make sure that both the public as well as private network function with maximum operability and performance, in addition to giving maximum security and flexibility. Apart from this, Cisco solutions form the basic building blocks for the large and complex networks that are found in many large scaled businesses and organizations, public institutions, and telecommunication companies.

Cisco can help in the growth of your organization, providing solutions for almost all sectors of your business, and at the same time, maintaining a high level of security.

At Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC, we help you with consultation, integration, building, and deploying Cisco solutions. We have maintained very good records of Cisco’s relationship with our customers. Site Exclusive also takes the huge responsibility of delivering the most outstanding levels of value and services to you.

Cisco’s home networking strategy is in parallel to make sure that our clients get the feeling of a life that is more personal, more social, and more visual. 



Some of our products specializations are:

  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco Switches
  • Cisco IP Telephony
  • Cisco Wireless
  • Cisco Email & Web
  • Cisco Video Conferencing
  • Cisco Servers & Storage


As one of the top Cisco suppliers in Dubai, Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC offers a wide range of Cisco products and solutions to meet your needs. From routers and switches to security and networking, we have everything you need to build a strong and reliable computer network. We also offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of your Cisco products, including installation, configuration, and support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maximize your Cisco investment.