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Are you on the search for the safest and secured firewall in UAE? Then, you have landed to the right page. Search no more. SonicWall Firewalls at Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC is the best and excellent choice for many businesses and organizations that are on this track for many years.

Sonicwall offers you the best recommendation of the network firewalls ranging from small scale to even large scale business solutions.

Sonicwall brings forth as it says.

Selecting the apt network firewall provider is an utmost task at hand when it comes to protecting your business and at the same time to maintain its high standards. SonicWall firewalls provides you all the network firewalls that just differ slightly in their functionality. However, ultimately, they all perform the quite similar functions in protecting your business from intruders out there on the internet and also from unnecessary and access by providing restriction.

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Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC UAE extends it helping hand to procure the most sophisticated Sonicwall firewalls to your business limits.

Sonicwall’s line of firewalls has got the below packages:

  • Stateful packet forwarding
  • application enforcement
  • intrusion prevention
  • DoS/DDoS protection
  • user/group-based firewall rules
  • object-oriented rule sets and also much more.

Site Exclusive in UAE is the brand name in UAE, best known for its high-quality firewalls suppliers and dealers to all emirates of UAE.

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A firewall basically is considered as a software or hardware that will help in protecting your computer from hackers, viruses and other malware software. However, using the most trusted Sonicwall firewall will allow your businesses to set up as per the criteria that you frame and run in those terms only, far away from the hands of intruders online.

Moreover, SonicWall firewalls lets you to add or delete filters as per your network instances. Say, for example:

  • IP addresses
  • Domain Names
  • Specific phrases or words
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Sonicwall has in store many different types of firewalls that will aid to serve all type of organizations with customizable functionality:

  • SonicWall TZ Series
  • SonicWall NSA Series
  • E-Class NSA Series
  • SonicWall Supermassive Series
  • SonicWall Email Security Series
  • SonicWall SRA Series
  • SonicWall WXA Series
  • SonicWall Wireless Series

In addition to the above service, there are certain add-ons that are inclusive with this Soniwall:

  • They help in defending the malicious threats with advanced protection service
  • They provide you with the advanced gateway security suite
  • Sonicwall also supplies many different types of gateway security services
  • Web content filtering options
  • They can be able to remove junk mail with Anti-spam service
  • Effective bandwidth allocation
  • Most importantly, Sonicwall helps prevent cyber threats with intrusion prevention systems
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Site Exclusive Computer Networks LLC at UAE is awarded as one among the most professional experts in the network security, even in the entire Gulf Nation. We, at Site Exclusive, provide you with the most advanced network security that no other company or brand in the UAE could offer you with.

When it appears to the IT security and network solutions, Site Exclusive stands tall and also apart from all others in UAE. We bring forth the complete portfolio of Sonicwall products and services in UAE, along with the professional services.

As the main and authorized dealer and distributor of SonicWall in UAE, we have had years of experience in crafting and serving the best Sonicwall firewall solutions in UAE for all business types and genres.

We, at Site Exclusive, also ensure that the solution we provide you with is the top notch in quality and also in terms of security that is at parallel with your business network security requirements. You can always contact us anytime if you wish to know more on network solutions and security with SonicWall firewall in UAE.